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NEW BOOK! (coming really soon!)

Home Theater Made Simple book

"Home Theater Made Simple."

New Updates.Same Simple Format. Written in plain English with Cartoon illustrations not schematics!
DTV transition. IPTV. Media Centers. Higher Definition Home Theater. Dedicated Home Theaters. How to Buy and Setup home theaters including calibration. In depth information about Home Theater!

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"The Home Electronics Survival Guide", The simple guide to understanding, hooking up and buying TVs, HDTVs, DVDs, Home Theater, Remote Controls and more!--Published in 2006, this book has outdated information. Click more to learn what is old news and to learn about the closeout offer. MORE INFO

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bullet Barb Gonzalez, Simple Tech Guru,
makes it simple for you to buy, hook up and use your H
ome Theater, TV, DVD, DVR, Remote Controls and lots of other fun gadgets,and technology gear.

This site is created as a resource guide where you can learn what features and technologies are, and how to buy, connect or operate your home theater, home entertainment, home network, iPhones and gadgets. The Simple Tech Guru blog will provide tips and up-to-the-minute news, reviews, opinions and more.
Got a question? Get simple answers!

Want the easiest way to connect your home theater?
The Easiest way to control your home theater?
The Easiest way to know what to buy for your home theater?

Home Electronics Survival is Expanding our scope of simple technology!

  • networked tvWhole Home Entertainment - it's not just components like DVD players, VCRs, etc. that are connected to our home theater. We now can watch movies, music and photos anywhere in our house and get the movies, music and photos FROM anywhere in the house. + MORE...


  • iPhone Applications - iPhone's have an app for everything (as the ubiquitous commercials tell us). I've found the apps to make my everyday life simpler and want to share it with you. + MORE...

How do you decide which cables and connections to use to connect your
home theater?

Here's the simplest solution I've found!

Want personalized advice on how to hook up your home theater components?

How about access to all of your user manuals online in one place without having to search each manufacturer's site?

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The DTV transition took place on June 12, 2009

And most accounts say it went well. People who subscribe to cable or satellite TV didn't even notice the change. Others got a converter box to connect to their antenna (we did for a while and got free network HDTV).

Now, the only channels/TV stations that are broadcasting the old analog way are low powered local TV stations (community channels, special interest, etc. that can only be received by a small area).

If you know anyone who is still in the dark...check out my blog for tips or go to DTVAnswers

I bet you know people who feel this way! Is it you?

Hooking up a home theater feels overwhelming..here's a hilarious Disney video, I bet you'll relate to...


Easiest hookup for high definition

Easiest Remote control

Coming Soon!How to buy a TV

How to buy home theater surround sound

Home Electronics Survival will help you to understand your home entertainment system. Whether it is just a TV, a home theater or anything in between, you will learn to buy, hookup and use your equipment!
Finally! Simple explanations in plain English! Cartoon illustrations not schematics.

You can start with the "HOW TO" section, where you will find technology tips, definitions and a home theater glossary, and equipment explained, step-by-step instructions like how to hook up home theater, and how to buy a tv and "how to articles." And you can order the book, "The Home Electronics Survival Guide".

It's all aimed at giving you a better understanding of today’s (and tomorrow’s) technologies—what they are, how they work and what you can do with them.

Although people are becoming more savvy about technology, many don’t have a real understanding of the basics. No one has taken the time to explain the whys behind the how’s and explanations of how to use a remote, or a menu or how to hook things up. When something has gone awry, many people still feel powerless.

With a broad understanding of how things work, we can

  • Decipher the techno-babble of sales people and the industry literature with technology definitions and home theater glossary.
  • Have a clearer picture of which products will work for us and what they can do.
  • Hooking up your home theater is easy.
  • Use your Remote controls.
    Enjoy our web site!

    Barb Gonzalez
    The Simple Tech Guru
    Author, Illustrator/"Technology Simplification Expert"


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